Patient Testimonials

I was no longer asking people to repeat!

My hearing journey began as a little girl in elementary school. My mom was a speech therapist and would bring her audiometer home to test us kids. One of my brothers and myself showed early loss and since there was a family history, I always thought it might pose a problem later. Fast forward. I…

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Kim Aures Vertigo Patient
Orange Park, FL’s vertigo patient Kim Aures shares her story of living with BPPV to help others in Jacksonville, FL

By Kim Aures, Vertigo Patient at Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute Kim Aures gives her thoughts about having and living with vertigo. The professionals at Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute hope you will share this if you or someone you love experiences the signs and symptoms of vertigo. As part of their community education programming, JHBI is presenting…

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thumb John v
“They take their time and work with you.”

“I have severe hearing loss in both ears and have had several surgeries trying to restore my hearing. Nothing worked until I came to Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute. Dr. Green is so kind and easygoing and he explained everything step-by-step. He recommended BAHAs (Bone Anchored Hearing Aids) and now I can finally hear again.…

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