April 24, 2012

Get Started With Hearing Aids

It’s so gradual that you may not even realize you have [intlink id=”123″ type=”page”]hearing loss[/intlink].  You begin to strain to hear loved ones and avoid noisy restaurants.  Not only does your hearing deteriorate, but also your lifestyle, relationships, and general psychological well-being. The sooner you begin treatment for hearing loss, the easier it will be to adjust to hearing aids and to retain some hearing ability.

1.  See an audiologist

If you have noticed any symptoms of hearing loss (or your friends or family have noticed) you may be among the one in five Americans 1 suffering with this problem.  Seeing an audiologist is the first step in evaluating your hearing loss and how it may be treated.

Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute [intlink id=”133″ type=”page”]audiologists[/intlink] have doctoral degrees and are board certified by the American Board of Audiology. They specialize in fitting hearing aids and work with patients and physicians to create effective hearing solutions.  Our [intlink id=”1493″ type=”post”]Hearing Center[/intlink] is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated exclusively to serving our hearing aid and cochlear implant patients.

2.  Get educated

Being informed about your hearing health and the many treatment options available is essential.  Web searches, books, and consulting friends and family are an important part of the learning process.  Besides the professional and personal one-on-one assistance of our team members, we also provide a number of [intlink id=”149″ type=”page”]resources[/intlink] that can help you determine the best hearing solution for you and your lifestyle.

3.  Take charge of your hearing

Hearing aids come in many styles and have various features.  Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute team members listen to individual needs and lifestyle when determining the right hearing aid for you.  Things to consider include:

  • Type of hearing loss
  • Severity of hearing loss
  • Size and shape of the ear and ear canal
  • Patient preference
  • Patient dexterity
  • Financial investment

Don’t miss out another minute!  [intlink id=”129″ type=”page”]Contact us[/intlink] to set up a hearing consultation or come into our new Hearing Center on [intlink id=”1490″ type=”post”]Thursdays in May[/intlink] for a free hearing screening!

1 According to a study by Johns Hopkins researchers, published in Nov. 14, 2011 Archives of Internal Medicine


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