March 11, 2024

Kilwin’s Run to Support Clarke School for Hearing & Speech

The team at Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute will soon be participating in the Kilwin’s Run on March 23rd. This is a fundraising event to support the Clarke School for Hearing and Speech.

Founded in 1867 the Clarke School is dedicated to teaching children who are deaf or hard of hearing how to listen and talk. They are the first and the largest ‘Listening and Spoken Language’ organization in the nation. The local chapter has served families in the Jacksonville area since 1996 and its purpose it to help support parents whose goal is for their deaf or hard of hearing child to develop spoken language.

The Clarke school offers an abundance of services to support local families. They offer programs for children birth to age 3 to help parents develop strategies to support language in the early developmental years. They also have preschool and early elementary programs for children 3 to 7 years and provide daily access to speech and listening therapy. Additionally, the Clarke school offers support groups for families, virtual services and summer programs. The staff at Clarke school will also provide support as the child transitions to mainstream schools and will continue this support through high school.

The Kilwin’s Run is a fun way to support such a wonderful school that has helped countless families reach their goal of their children developing spoken language. If you are interested in sponsoring or would like to learn more information about the Clarke School for Hearing and Speech, please visit their local website


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