May 19, 2023

May is National Better Hearing Month!

May is National Better Hearing Month. The goal of Better Hearing Month is to raise awareness about the positive impact of healthy hearing and the professionals that can help improve the lives of those struggling with hearing loss.

Healthy hearing means not waiting to check your hearing until hearing loss is so significant it’s impacting your ability to participate in your work, social events you enjoy, or conversations with loved ones. Subtle changes in hearing may not be immediately noticeable but can make a big difference in quality of life. The best way to have an understanding of your hearing health is to get a baseline hearing evaluation with an audiologist.

Audiologists are the experts in hearing health. While hearing aids are the most commonly recognized treatment for hearing loss, there are many factors that go into determining the best way to manage changes in hearing. An audiologist is the specialist who is best equipped determine the underlying reason for the hearing loss and to further determine the appropriate treatment.

Our office is running a special hearing aid promotion throughout the month of May to celebrate Better Hearing Month. Give us a call at 904-399-0350 to schedule a hearing evaluation and see how we can help you achieve better hearing.

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