December 12, 2011

I would highly recommend JHBI to anyone who is having a chronic balance or vertigo problem

Beth Kinney, 64, of Cocoa, Fla., woke up one morning in October 2003 to a spinning room. She had experienced slight vertigo before when she was younger, but never anything this bad. Each doctor she visited said he couldn’t help her.

Kinney was finally referred to Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute. It took almost three months of treatment, but she was eventually able to go back to work full time and regain most of her hearing.

“The P.A., Judy Nelson, was very comforting and gave me assurance,” Kinney said. “She worked with me for months to get me to be able to function normally.”

Kinney still experiences slight dizziness when she is stressed or lacking sleep, but nothing like before.

“I would highly recommend Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute to anyone who is having a chronic balance or vertigo problem” Kinney said. “When you run into something that is repetitive in its nature, over and over, I would just suggest that you get help and get it quickly.”


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