December 22, 2023

Tips for Better Communication at the Holidays

The holiday season is filled with festive activities and family gatherings that can prove to be difficult for having a conversation, especially if there is hearing loss involved. Below are some tips that can help make communication easier.

  1. Create a designated quieter space away from the kitchen, TV, music, and possibility of children playing.  If this is not possible, reducing the volume of the music and/or TV is helpful.
  2. At the dinner table, a round table is best for a person with hearing loss to hear all the members of the table. If the table is rectangular, ask the individual with hearing loss where they feel they will hear the best. Also ensure there is good lighting and clear sightline for all the members at the table (i.e.: moving tall centerpieces etc.).
  3. When speaking to someone with hearing loss, raising the volume of your voice does not mean they will always hear your better. Make sure to be facing them when speaking to them, slow down your speech and, and speak clearly. These are more helpful than volume.

Happy Holidays from the team at Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute!


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