September 15, 2023

Tips to Help Adjust to Your New Hearing Aids

Taking the initiative to first have your hearing evaluated and then being fit for hearing aids is a big step on the road to better hearing. There is an adjustment period to having new hearing aids and hearing the world around you differently than what you may remember. Below are some tips to help you adjust in this period and to continue hearing the best you can.

  1. Wear them as directed by your audiologist and leave the volume alone.  When you are acclimating to listening with hearing aids, you may feel inclined to raise or lower the volume depending on your environment. You must remember your audiologist has programmed the hearing aids to be exactly what you need and your hearing aids are most likely self-adjusting to different noise level environments. Raising the volume can lead to them being too loud and causing damage or too low which can make wearing the hearing aids ineffective.
  2. Keep them clean and away from moisture. How well your hearing aids function and how well you can perform with them is greatly dependent on how they are cared for. If the devices are exposed to significant amounts of moisture, they may begin to emit static when turned on. If wax filters are building up with wax or completely full, you will experience muffled hearing or feel the hearing aid is broken. The best way to ensure they are working as effectively as they can is to perform routine cleaning and maintenance at home or with your audiologist.
  3. Communicate with your audiologist. Explain what has improved since receiving the hearing aids and what situations may still be difficult for you. If your audiologist is not aware of an occurring issue you are experiencing, it cannot be addressed. Being open about what you are experiencing or feeling will help your audiologist create the right settings for you within your hearing aids. This will ensure you can connect with your loved ones and enjoy daily activities the best you can. Be sure to attend any routine follow up appointments or schedule one sooner if you have any questions or need additional programming.

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