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Ear surgery for hearing and balance disorders may include cochlear implants and other complex procedures

The staff and personnel at JHBI are dedicated to treating patients with ailments of hearing and balance. We offer a full array of audiologic and vestibular services and provide medical and surgical management of disorders of the ear, temporal bone, and facial nerve.

Medical Management

At JHBI, we offer both medical and surgical treatment for patients suffering from problems of hearing and balance as well as disorders affecting the ear, temporal bone, and facial nerve.

Surgical Management

Surgical treatment can be effective for many hearing and balance disorders. Managing disorders of the ear and temporal bone will at times require surgical treatment for effective cure.

Facial Nerve Testing

We perform specialized tests to diagnose facial nerve dysfunction. Facial nerve testing is also an important aspect of our diagnostic services at JHBI.

Balance Testing

Screening and diagnostic tests can provide answers to balance problems

Hearing Testing

A comprehensive audiologic evaluation includes both pure tone hearing assessment at various frequencies, and speech discrimination testing which assesses the patient’s ability to understand spoken language. The test is conducted in a sound-controlled booth.

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Walk-In Repair Clinic

Walk-In Repair ClinicIf you are experiencing problems with your hearing aid Walk-In clinic is available on Tue from 10am -11:30am and Thurs from 1pm – 2:30pm. No appointment necessary. To make an appointment call the Hearing Center at (904) 399-0350

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