Medical Management

Medical treatment is appropriate for a variety of hearing loss and balance conditions

At JHBI, we offer both medical and surgical treatment for patients suffering from problems of hearing and balance as well as disorders affecting the ear, temporal bone, and facial nerve.

Medical treatment is provided for a variety of conditions as outlined below.

Sudden hearing loss: This is a true otologic emergency and patients should be seen as soon as possible after the incident occurs. In addition to standard medical therapy, we offer intra-tympanic therapy for patients with sudden hearing loss.

Middle ear fluid: This is a common problem affecting adults and children. Oral medication may be appropriate in certain cases, but myringotomy (with or without tube placement) can be helpful as well. This can be performed in the office in most adults.

Ear pain: Evaluation of ear pain must consider primary ear problems as well as potential sources of referred pain.

Facial weakness: Acute and gradual onset of facial weakness both require thorough evaluation. Electrical testing may be required and should be initiated early in the process.

Positional vertigo: This is one of the most common causes of dizziness in adults and can be evaluated and successfully treated in the office in the majority of cases.

Ear drainage: We offer in-office microscopic evaluation and cleaning of the ear with directed topical treatment according to the suspected etiology.

Ear itching: In-office microscopic examination and cleaning often provide invaluable information on the cause of external ear disorders

Meniere’s disease: This complex disorder must be diagnosed properly to ensure appropriate medical management. Oral medications as well as intra-tympanic therapy (i.e., gentamycin and dexamethasone) play an important role in the treatment of this serious condition.

Balance problems/Dizziness: Office evaluation with appropriate medical therapy, including vestibular rehabilitation, is critical to the management of patients with dizziness.

Ear noise (tinnitus): Any level of tinnitus should be evaluated. As multiple etiologies are responsible for the symptom of tinnitus, we evaluate patients thoroughly and offer a variety of medical therapies to help improve patient symptoms.

Eustachian tube problems: This is a common problem that manifests in numerous ways. Medical management may be helpful in these patients and should be initiated early to prevent long-term problems.

Ear infections: Acute or chronic ear infections may lead to hearing loss, tympanic membrane damage, cholesteatoma, and a host of other complications. Directed topical therapy following microscopic evaluation and cleaning is an important aspect of treatment that we are happy to provide.

Download a list of ear disorders.

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Walk-In Repair ClinicIf you are experiencing problems with your hearing aid Walk-In clinic is available on Tue from 10am -11:30am and Thurs from 1pm – 2:30pm. No appointment necessary. To make an appointment call the Hearing Center at (904) 399-0350

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