Choosing the Best Hearing Aid for You

We help you choose the best, affordable hearing aid in Jacksonville, FL for your hearing loss

Who can benefit from a hearing aid?

Modern hearing aids are not the same as the ones your grandfather wore! Digital processing, Bluetooth capability, wireless connectivity and miniature technology are just a few of the technical advances that have allowed hearing aids to connect more individuals with the world around them.  Don’t make the mistake of assuming that hearing aids are only useful for people with severe hearing loss.  Even those with mild hearing loss can benefit from current technology.

What are the different styles of hearing aids?

Contrary to what some people may think, the term ‘one size fits all’ does NOT apply to hearing aids. There are actually a variety of styles currently available, from the tiny Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC) aid, to the comfortable open fit of a Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) aid. There is truly a hearing aid for every lifestyle!

For a complete list of hearing aid styles offered at the Hearing Center at JHBI, click here.

How does a hearing aid work?

Today’s hearing aids are actually tiny computers, capable of split-second sound adjustments to deliver the clearest speech signal possible. New technology allows the hearing aids to monitor your environment and automatically switch between listening programs. Your audiologist will program your hearing aids according to your hearing loss and your individual listening needs. Due to the increased flexibility in a hearing aid’s computer chip, it can be reprogrammed if your hearing loss changes, or adjusted for greater listening comfort.

How do I know if I need a hearing aid?

A comprehensive hearing test is an important first step toward determining if you need a hearing aid. Our team will discuss the results of testing with you and recommend a treatment plan, which may or may not include a hearing aid.

What is a hearing aid consultation?

We consider our free hearing aid consultation as an opportunity to educate you about the latest technology. During the appointment we will help match you and your lifestyle with the appropriate hearing aid style and technology. We will listen to your questions and concerns to help ensure that the best selection is made. Depending on your specific hearing loss, a demonstration of new hearing aids or Bluetooth technology may be performed.  Bluetooth technology enables devices such as portable computers, cell phones, and televisions to connect to the hearing aid.

Who will conduct my hearing aid consultation?

You will be working with an American Board of Audiology (ABA) certified Doctor of Audiology, not a hearing aid dispenser, during your consultation.  The difference between the educational requirements of board certified audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists, a.k.a. hearing aid dispensers, can be as much as six or seven years.  Our audiologists do not work on commission, and only have your best interest in mind when recommending a device.

How much does a hearing aid cost?

Hearing aid prices vary considerably depending on complexity, ranging from an inexpensive analog “amplifier” aid to a highly sophisticated digital hearing aid. Hearing aids may look similar on the outside (i.e., style of the aid), but have very different processing systems on the inside. It is the internal circuitry, not the outside appearance of the device, which typically determines cost. There is a hearing aid that will fit every budget – and the most expensive option isn’t necessarily the best choice for every person. Our ABA certified audiologists will help you select the most appropriate aid while remaining within your budget.  We make it our business to ensure that our hearing aids are VERY competitively priced.

To learn about our different hearing aid technology levels, click here.

What hearing aids do you work with?

At Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute, we only work with hearing aid manufacturers that have proven dependability and the most up-to-date technology. Below are the hearing aids that we use and service:

Walk-In Repair Clinic

Walk-In Repair ClinicIf you are experiencing problems with your hearing aid Walk-In clinic is available on Tue from 10am -11:30am and Thurs from 1pm – 2:30pm. No appointment necessary. To make an appointment call the Hearing Center at (904) 399-0350

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