October 26, 2018

My Hearing Aids No longer Work – Is a Hearing Implant Right for Me?

Is a Hearing Implant Right for Me?

Is a Hearing Implant Right for Me?

The first step is seeking treatment for your hearing loss is recognizing that you may not be able to hear your friends and family as well as you used to. You may find yourself missing out on fun social events or meaningful conversations. A hearing implant is a very successful hearing loss treatment that provides the ability to hear when hearing aids no longer work for you. 

Whether your hearing loss is caused by noise exposure through work or recreation, or simply genetics, a hearing implant allows speech to be not only louder but clearer.

A hearing implant is a device that is surgically implanted under the skin behind the ear and works together with an external device to collect and transmit sound to the brain.

To find out more information about a hearing implant and to hear testimonials from current hearing implant users, we invite you to attend a community health seminar at WJCT presented by Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute and Cochlear Americas on Wednesday, November 7th.

Register now! Visit  wjct.org/events or call 904 358.6322.

There’s no cost – a delicious lunch is included, and the event is open to all; however, there is limited seating.

See you there!


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