June 12, 2019

If the world around you is spinning out of control call Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute for diagnosis and treatment of vertigo

If you become dizzy, it’s important to know what caused it – find out. The experts at Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute (JHBI) know how to diagnose and treat dizziness. Is it vertigo? Does it happen when you first wake up and get out of bed in the morning? Do you experience a feeling as if the world around you is spinning out of control – like you’re in the eye of the tornado with everything spinning around you? Find out why your inner ear may be involved causing dizzy spells. After testing, you may have the most common diagnosis: BPPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. Let the experts at JHBI guide you. They are J. Douglas Green, MD, FACS and the team of Physician Assistants and Audiologists, who are dedicated to finding the real cause of why you are getting dizzy. These tests may rule out Meniere disease, labyrinthitis or an acoustic neuroma tumor. So, get the facts – call JHBI today for an appointment to find out why you’re dizzy. It’s for your own good health. 

You are invited to attend a FREE community medical seminar on VERTIGO and luncheon on Wednesday, June 16th from 11:30 am to 1 pm presented by J. Douglas Green, MD, FACS, founder of Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute at WJCT. Register Now »


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