March 6, 2013

Newspaper Article: Understanding Potential Causes of Dizziness – Dr. J. Douglas Green

This article appeared in the Health Section of the Florida Times Union newspaper in Jacksonville, FL, on March 6, 2012.  Dr. J. Douglas Green, founder of Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute, comments on the potential causes of dizziness.

Dr. Green is quoted as saying:

“Dizziness is a common complaint experienced by millions of Americans every  year.

You can have symptoms ranging from lightheadedness, where you feel you are  about to pass out, to whirling vertigo, where the room spins uncontrollably. The  cause may be a serious, life-threatening illness, or a minor problem. Evaluation  by a medical professional is usually indicated, but, fortunately, effective  treatment is available for most causes of dizziness.

Understanding the potential causes of dizziness requires a basic  understanding of the balance system. The balance canals, or semicircular canals  of the inner ear, are stimulated by turning movements of the head and send  electric signals to the back of the brain at the brainstem.” said, Dr. Green.


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