October 2, 2012

Swedish Medical Center Shares Cochlear Implant Surgery Online, in Real Time

Earlier this morning, Dr. Douglas Backous and his team at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, WA, offered a rare inside look at a cochlear implant surgery, from start to finish. We followed this with great interest, as the surgery generated significant discussion on social media. Thanks to those involved for sharing this experience with us. See below for information on the series from the Swedish Medical center website. Who knows, maybe this will inspire us to do something similar in Jacksonville!

What is it like to have hearing loss? And is there anything that can be done for those with hearing loss?

These are some of the many questions you may have if you know or love someone with hearing loss or deafness. Or, you may have hearing loss and be wondering if there is anything you can do about it.

To help raise awareness around options for those with hearing loss, Dr. Douglas Backous, medical director of the Center for Hearing and Skull Base Surgery at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute in Seattle, developed this video series to increase awareness of cochlear implant surgery as a treatment option for hearing loss. The series will culminate in a live-tweeted and Instagrammed cochlear implant surgery at 7:40 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 2, followed by a live chat on Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 10 a.m and 6 p.m. (Pacific Time) with leading hearing-loss experts.

This series was developed to increase awareness of cochlear implant surgery as a treatment option for hearing loss, to raise awareness of this life-changing surgery and to demonstrate that people who are deaf can have the ability to hear.

Two short videos discussing hearing loss and cochlear implant surgery will be released every week throughout September and early October on this page. (All videos have transcripts that can be viewed on the individual videos’ YouTube pages. Also, closed captioning is available for each video by pressing the CC button located on the video action bar after the video begins playing.)

Read more: http://www.swedish.org/Landing-Pages/Cochlear-Implant-and-Hearing-Loss-Web-Series#ixzz28A9R8Rq6
Watch the slideshow/recap from the live-tweeted and Instagrammed surgery:


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