November 23, 2011

Restoring Hearing & Lives in Nigeria

Dr. Green returned to Nigeria in October 2011 to train surgeons, perform ear surgeries and follow up with some of his former patients. He and former missionary Dr. Joel Anthis, of Katy, TX, performed ear surgeries (primarily stapendectomies and tympanoplasties with or without mastoidectomies) in Jos, Nigeria. Dr. Anthis also performed a few non-ear surgeries including endoscopic sinus surgery, laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy and the removal of a foreign body in the lung. Dr. Green and Dr. Anthis performed approximately 13 procedures.

Dr. Green trains Nigerian physicians during surgery

Dr. Green also followed-up with Stephen Kutchin, a Nigerian math professor who lost his hearing in 2002 and had cochlear implant surgery in 2007, performed by Dr. Green in Jacksonville, Fla.

“Stephen is doing well with his cochlear implant and had a celebration for the four years that he’s had his implant,” Dr. Green said. “He invited 30 of his friends and family and described how the implant had changed his life.”

The most common problem the physicians saw was chronic ear infections. There were also several patients who were profoundly deaf from medication toxicities, genetics or meningitis. Both Dr. Green and Dr. Anthis gave lectures to the family practice residents at Bingham University Teaching Hospital and demonstrated various ear surgeries for the ear, nose and throat surgeons.

Inside a Nigerian operating room

“The experience of delivering care in a third world country is always a humbling one,” Dr. Green said. “I am always grateful to be living in the U.S.A. I could have been born in a hut in Nigeria, but by the grace of God I was born in the U.S.A. I really enjoy the people of Nigeria. They are incredibly hard-working, devoted and loving people who are grateful for what we do.”



Watch a slideshow from Dr. Green’s 2011 trip to Nigeria:

Nigeria 2011 from Grace Courter on Vimeo.


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